I want to choose a safe but what do I look for?

The first consideration when choosing a safe product is the cash or jewellery rating it has.  Insurance companies have developed, through independent testing, ratings or bands into which they place all types of safes.  These are given cash and jewellery ratings or Euro grades 1-6.


What do the ratings represent?

The different ratings represent the level of security offered by the features incorporated into a safe.  The more elaborate and sophisticated the anti-theft features the higher the rating a safe product will receive.  The figures shown denote the maximum value of the items allowed in the safe in accordance with any insurance policy covering the content.  A condition of any safe rating is that it is properly secured in line with the manufacturers recommendations.


I have £1,200 in cash and £3,000 of jewellery.  What  product rating do I require?

Firstly it is better to slightly over estimate values to allow for any future increase.  For mixed safe content convert the value of your jewellery into a cash equivalent by dividing it by 10.  Then by adding this to your original cash value you now have a single cash rating figure.  For example:    (£3,000 jewellery / 10 = £300) + £1,200 cash = £1,500 total rating.  View our cash safes


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