Choosing a Product

What do you want to protect?

What is the volume or size that you want to protect?

Do you want to protect against Fire or Burglary?

Fire Resistant Products.  These are designed for all types of storage media with advanced shelving capable of holding cd-rom or cd-roms, data disc, floppy discs,  floppies, audio or video tapes, film cartridge, archive cartridges, archival films, microfilm, flash media and zip, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 4mm or 8mm tape, optical drives,vhs, dvd and dlt.  The secure back up of company records is vital if you are to survive a fire on the premises.  Normal storage cabinets and filing systems will not keep safe paper records that will withstand 170°c before discolouration sets in.  These ordinary storage cabinets or cupboard cannot therefore be relied upon for data protection as extremely sensitive modern media suffers total data corruption much above 55°c.  A fire in your premises will result in loss of any original, backup or backups whether they be paper documents or magnetic media.  Many have some protection against unauthorised access and theft.

Safes.  A free standing cashsafe, wallsafe or floorsafe is usually only designed for burglary protection although many are now becoming available with fire certificates for paper protection.  The Cash Rating is "The amount an insurance company will cover in a safe/cabinet overnight"  This amount can vary between companies and locations and may be different to the manufacturer's recommended rating.  As a general rule, the cash rating is multiplied by a factor of 10 for jewellery.  For mixed safe content convert the value of your jewellery into a cash equivalent by dividing it by 10.  Then by adding this to your original cash value you now have a single cash rating figure.   It is better to slightly over estimate values to allow for any future increase.

We also offer Security Cabinets ideal for multi-purpose storage, including a new self-assembly unit.  Some products come with burglary resistance.  For protection against fire see Fire Resistant Products.   The document fire proof cupboards, vertical or lateral files are only insulated for paper security.

Fire Filing Cabinets.  For A4 or Foolscap filing.  Highly reliable document protection using modern materials and tecnology.  Each drawer is protected from fire.